Ames Noon Lions Club

The Ames Noon Lions Club meets weekly Thursday from noon to one o’clock throughout the year at the Ames Golf and Country Club. Programs are presented covering many of the local aspects of Ames. Guests are always welcome. 

President:                       Don Schaffer

1st. Vice President:        Stephen Simpson

2nd. Vice President:       

Secretary:                       Jim Gunning

Treasurer:                       Dave Blakeley

Director (1year)              John Maurer

Director (1year)              

Director (2year)               Joe Paulson

Director (2year)               Kate Mason

Director (2year)              

Board Members:


Jim Gunning 4623 Dover Dr. Ames, Iowa 50014

Phone: 515-292-8412



Tail Twister Co-Chair                   Jack Smalling

Tail Twister Co-Chair                   John Maurer

Lion Tamer Co-Chair                   John Even Jr.

Lion Tamer Co-Chair                   Vic Tamashunas

Membership Chairs                     Joe Paulson

                                                    Don Schaffer

Immediate Past President           Gordy Sargent

 The Ames Lions Club is sponsoring a new leader dog puppy and have again named him “Joe”.  The first Joe has graduated to leader dog school in Michigan.  The newest “Joe” (left) is doing well growing up in Fort Dodge with his trainer Tristan Schultz.  This is a very successful program involving the Lions club and the Iowa Prison system.

Friday October 25 is the next Lions Club turkey dinner  fundraiser at Bethesda Lutheran Church.  The funds raised will be used by the Lions clubs to support charitable activities throughout the community.  Hickory Park will again be catering and the Lions thank them for their support in this activity. 

Need eyeglasses assistance?  The Ames Lions can help with financial assistance to those in need to get glasses with local optometry providers. Please print the application for assistance  below and send to Stephen Simpson, 1310 Iowa Circle, Ames, Iowa,50014.  The Lions health committee will consider your application and contact you as soon as possible.

Lions Eyeglass Assistance Application